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Common System Error Messages And Solutions

Updated on May 18, 2019

Troly helps you! If something isn't correctly configured or if anything prevents you to act on an order, a product, a customer's profile page or anything else, Troly will display a warning message. Just like a doctor, Troly is capable of identifying a symptom and will notify you accordingly. This article lists the common error messages displayed in the software to allow you troubleshooting preventable issues.

Remember that our Team is always around, so if there's nothing you can do on your end even after going through our troubleshooting articles, we'll help you. In this case, please contact us with the specific details about your issue so we can assist you efficiently.

Common error messages

Shipping and orders errors

Visit our Troubleshooting Shipping Issues,  Troubleshooting Orders Issues, Shipping Configuration Add On, Understand the Shipping Stage and Understanding Customers Details articles for detailed information and step by step instructions.

Shipping Status, Costing Error

Costing error - Failed to cost shipment via... Updating shipping details on this page will rectify this.

From the order page:

From the Operation page:

Cause: Troly hasn't been able to calculate the postage fees for the carrier you've selected to ship this order (e.g. Fastway Troly's Shipping Account and FedEx).

Solutions: Check if the carrier that you're selecting has been fully installed. Modify the quantity of an item or the shipping method and change it back to its original value. This will allow the system to recalculate the postage fees for you and get rid of the error.

Instructions: Troubleshooting Shipping Issues.

Case Dimensions or Product Weights Missing

Case dimensions or product weights missing

From the Operation page:

Cause: Common error that occurs when your settings in Shipping Configuration Add On need to be adjusted (e.g. incorrect carton dimensions, missing shipping fee, missing region).

Solution: ensure all regions include a shipping fee

Instructions:  Shipping Configuration Add On and Troubleshooting Shipping Issues.

Delivery address empty or invalid

Delivery address empty or invalid

From the Operation page:

Cause: Your customer's shipping address includes a missing or incorrect detail.

Solution: Re-type the address and click on the pre-defined format that appears under the field to ensure it is valid.

Instructions:  Understanding Customers Details

Payment Errors

Visit our Understanding Single and Bulk Payments and Troubleshooting Payment Issues articles for detailed information and step by step instructions.

Payment gateway not installed

Error - Payment Gateway Not Installed. You have not setup an online payment gateway to process card transactions.

From the order page:

From the Operation page:

Cause: your payment gateway (e.g. standard/advanced payment, MyGate, eWay) is not correctly or fully configured.

Solution: Go to the add-on, ensure that the bank details, currency and required fields contain valid information.

Instructions: Gateway Add On and  Consider Your Payment Option.

Insufficient credit card details on file

Error - 99, insufficient card details on file.

From the order page:

From the Operation page:

Cause: your customer's payment details are missing or invalid.

Solution: validate your customer's credit card details.

Instructions: Understanding Customers Details

Declined payment: -99 TEST Authorisation declined

Declined - 99, Authorisation Declined.

From the order page:

From the Operation page:

Cause: Your customer's payment has been declined due to expired/invalid details or insufficient funds.

Solution: Double-check if an extra space was added in the expiry date field. Get in touch with your customers to clarify the situation with them and ensure they haven't cancelled their credit card. Review the emails and SMS templates in the Communication page.

Instructions: Understanding single and Bulk Payments 

Declined payment - event 

Declined - An internal issue occurred during payment. Please contact us for more information (Event xxx).

From the order page:

Cause: An error was possibly encountered by our payment processor at the time of the payment/refund and it took longer than expected to respond.

Solutions: review your customers activity feed to confirm the amount hasn't been changed/refunded.

    • Payment: wait and try processing the payment a little later. You may want to charge a different customer's credit card to see if you receive the same error.
    • Refund: you may not have processed enough sales during the day to process the refund. Ensure there is a sufficient balance to cover the refund and merchant fees in your account.

Instructions: Understanding Single and Bulk Payments, Refund and Cancel Orders

Customers Data Errors

Import error

Errors were encountered importing your data. No customer information has been imported or updated

From the Customers page:

Cause: The data entered in your file may not be in the right format, or your customers details are invalid.

Solution: Click Review 'X' Customers to see all the details that need to be corrected for your import to be successful.

Instructions: Understand Customer Import or Export

Product Errors

Archived products, unable to edit

This product has been archived. You will be unable to make changes.

From the product page:

Cause: You're attempting to edit an archived item

Solution: Products cannot be unarchived. Create a new product with updated information.

Instructions: Configuring Products

Composite product and gift voucher

Gift voucher cannot become a composite product as it is a Non-Physical product.

From the Product page → Composite product tab:

Cause: You first created the product as a Non-Physical product and Troly prevents you to make it a composite product.

Solution: Create a new product with the correct settings.

Instructions: Configuring Products

Pricing error

Using this standard price will cause one or more of your pack, case or membership prices to become negative.

From the Product page → Pricing and Stock tab:

Cause: Your product price is too low and the system warns you that, according to your Standard discounts settings (located in your Business Settings page), some discounted prices will become negative.

Solution: Reconsider your standard discounts or review the you want to apply for this specific product.

Instructions: Configuring Coupons and Discounts

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

When you contact us after reviewing the common errors and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable):

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