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Troubleshooting Address Validation

Updated on May 29, 2020

To improve the reliability of deliveries, all addresses are automatically validated and cleaned on your behalf. This allows for more consistent address labels to be created and it eliminates human errors while reducing delivery problems.

Address cleaning in Troly

When you type an address, Troly automatically connects with an external validation service in order to help you rapidly auto-complete your address with accurate details. Almost always accurate details.

An external service provided by Google and Google Maps allows accessing one of the best worldwide address coverage available to you, however, some address errors may be present.

Confirm address discrepancies

In order to confirm the error originates directly at the provider, please visit Google Maps at maps.google.com and enter the address in question, just as you have in Troly.

In this example, Coolac in New South Wales uses the postcode 2722, as per Google, but local authorities (here Australia Post) seem to indicate this should instead be 2727.

Reporting Validation Errors

Prior to reporting any address errors to Google, you can normally validate this with your local authority for address allocation. Most have good search functionality, namely Australia Post, Canada Post, USPS, etc. Alternatively, Wikipedia is normally a good source of information also.

Time to contact Troly?

There is nothing to report to Troly, as we do not have any control over the Google address databases. Troly, however, does allow entering an address and bypass the validation completely. This is generally not recommended however and can have greater consequences (like parcels being returned to you).

When changes are submitted to Google, it's not uncommon for the changes to have been reflected. To report an error to Google simply follow these simple steps:

  1. make sure you are authenticated to Google
  2. locate the address in question using Google Maps
  3. right-click on the address PIN marker and select "Report a data problem"
  4. in the list of problems, select which is more appropriate and fill the form

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