Run your brand the way you intended to

Troly was designed by wineries, for wineries. A highly-tailored industry software with the flexibility you deserve

Integrated point-of-sales system

Any Apple or Android device suffices to access our customer-centric POS system, tailored towards smaller volume, higher value relationships.

Record your sales anywhere

Use a phone, tablet or computer to record sales on the go.

Sign up club members

Seamlessly sign up new wine club members.

Complete customer history

Know your customers like the best mate!

Receipts via email and SMS

We take care of all tedious admin tasks.

Powerful sales administration

Manage a single sale or 500 exactly in the same fashion, enforcing your business rules, communications, and processes.

Full customer interactions history

  • Store customer contact information.
  • Access customer order history.
  • Make it easier than ever to give customers personalized attention.
  • Create a loyal customer base.

Stock and inventory management

  • Stay on top of inventory.
  • Troly automatically syncs sales from e-commerce, POS, wine clubs and more.
  • Always know how much inventory you have.
  • Maximize your inventory by offering sales on overstocked products.

Sales management and fulfillment

  • Make wine club sales easier than ever.
  • No more spreadsheets.
  • No more manual payments.
  • Troly automate payments so they can run in the background and you can spend your time elsewhere.

Connect software familiar to you

  • Integrate with your favorite email direct marketing (EDM) platform.
  • Integrate with your accounting software.
  • Connect directly to shipping providers and get automatic label printing and preferred shipping rates.
  • Connect your website, e-commerce, wine club, POS, and more with ease.

e-commerce sales

Forget about having to maintain your website stock, clubs, and sales separately.

Members-only pricing and offers

Create unique product listings and prices that are only available to members of your wine club.

Fully synchronized catalog

Every time you add or change an item in your catalog it will automatically update across all platforms – your POS, wine club and e-commerce.

Comprehensive sales management

Manage wine clubs with ease with Troly’s end-to-end payment, packing and shipment processing.

Integrated forms, maps, & socials

Help customers find you and love you with forms to contact you, maps to locate you and social media involvement.

Troly works with you to create features valuable to your business, not just trendy gimmicks

Capture Your Sales
  • Tablet Point of Sales
  • eCommerce & Website
  • Automated Club Sales
  • On-the-go Wine Shows
  • Pop-up Tastings
Your Brand, Your Clubs
  • Flexible club schedule
  • Member-only prices
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Member preferences
  • Accrue reward points
  • Card expiry tracking
  • Membership notes
  • Special birthday offers
  • Brand all communications
  • Up to 23 automated messages
Automate Pay-Pack-Label-Ship
  • Automated club order notification
  • Self-serve customer updates
  • One-click to charge all cards
  • Print customized packing slips
  • One-click to print shipping labels
  • One-click to ship with multiple carriers
  • Automated shipment tracking
  • Automated feedback requests
  • Carrier-compliant labels in one click
Industry Discounts
  • Access discounted merchant banking*
  • Access discounted shipping fee*
  • Access discounted web services
  • Access discounted marketing services
  • Use your own accounts if desired
  • Request additional services as required^
Reconciliation & Reporting
  • Instant club commitment
  • Period reconciliation of all sales
  • Compare staffs, products and source
  • Reconcile expected bank deposits
  • Automated daily sales reconciliation
  • Transactions and costs of sale
Add-ons & Extensions
  • Credit card surcharge
  • Free Point of Sale (POS)
  • Simple eCommerce
  • On charge Shipping fees
  • Stock Management
  • Interactions Summary
  • Manual local deliveries
  • Synchronize member and products, order data seamlessly with a website
Your Contribution
  • Thanks to our simple pricing, you are free to pick and choose any or every module, in your own time, at your own pace
  • You may request any new feature, report, and enhancements*

* currently Australia & California only,
^ some integrations pending, as per Working Together as a Group

Rich Integrations
  • Email Marketing with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, etc..
  • Integrated shipping with AusPost, FastWay, Couriers, UPS, Fedex, GSO, etc..
  • Integrated website with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify^, SquareSpace^..
  • Integrated accounting with Xero, QuickBooks^, Freshbooks^, etc..
  • Integrated emails with Gmail and G-Suite,^, Office 365^

We look forward to demonstrating your potential

Troly Business Systems ACN 167 332 167. Troly is a Registered Trademark.