Have you met our CEO?

It’s really no surprise he got involved with Troly

Sebastien Tremblay, CEO and Founder

I am very extremely proud to be driving Troly and our team through our exciting, rewarding and ultimately life-changing journey.

Our priorities include building a sustainable, enjoyable and valuable community for all wineries and breweries to work together where they can, yet thrive as individual brands.

In building Troly, we wish to reiterate our support the men and women behind some of the best drinks around.

Growing the business requires my ongoing support of our team, to clarify our strategy, identify partnerships and most importantly, position the business into a game-changing force. For the benefit of each winery working with us.

The corporate mumbo-jumbo would probably highlight a career in the corporate world, the public sector and listed companies.

The corporate mumbo-jumbo would probably also mention my commitment to education and continuous fascination with technology.

The same corporate mumbo-jumbo would definitely refer to accomplishments with previous businesses I have owned and how Troly is a life passion more than a paycheck. Luckily Troly is not a corporate environment.

Yes, Troly is also for the “occasional” industry drinks. 🤣

There’s no other way to look at the industry today; it’s broken, skewed, unfair and needs re-organising. A matter of life or death for many smaller wineries.Sebastien, speaking at

His ultimate goal is to redistribute the industry revenues fairly, to allow smaller operations to survive and even thrive.

My aim is to position the brand, clarify external expectations while provide internal guidance to the team.

The only way to achieve this is with candid, honest communications.

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Relationships should be based on communication, not assumptions 👍