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by | July 2019 | What's New

July 2019 | What's New

New Features

  • Other Carrier Add-on: You can now add shipping carriers not directly supported by Troly for filtering and sorting using the Other Carrier add-on. This add-on will let you create new carriers, upload a logo and then process shipments using these add-ons.
  • New Emails: We’ve added some more templates for you to improve your customer and member experience:
  • Refunded Payment Email: Found under the Payments tab in your Communication Settings, the Refunded Payment email is a courtesy email that can be sent after you refund an order. Troly will schedule the email to go out within 12 hours of your refund. Should you then re-pay the same order, the pending refund email is canceled and the payer will receive a second email.
  • Membership Cancellation Email: When members cancel their membership, you can now send them a quick message to say that you’ve actioned their request. You can now unsubscribe from the Newsletter when canceling a membership.
  • Membership Suspension Email: When you choose to suspend a membership, instead of canceling it, Troly can now be set up to let the member know you’ve actioned their request and the date they will return from suspension. You can now unsubscribe from the Newsletter when suspending a membership.


  • Alphanumeric Membership Number: You can now use a member number made up of letters and numbers for your clubs. Troly increments the rightmost numbers wherever possible, where 2-5 numbers are present (see table below).
  • Review Pending Orders for Canceled Membership: When canceling a membership, Troly will now give you direct links to orders outstanding before canceling the membership.
  • Shipping Fees based on order value or weight: Your shipping fees have leveled up and can now use a shipment’s product total or weight value before assigning the Final Delivery Fee to an order. Head on over to your Shipping configuration add-on to try it out!
  • Re-Captcha on Tasting Experience: We have enabled Google Re-Captcha on the Tasting Experience to stop bots trying to sign up.
  • Billing Email: For customers wanting to receive invoices to a separate email (eg. restaurants) you can now capture a separate email under billing details. Emails with an invoice attached will be automatically cc’ed to that address. Only available for “on accounts” customers.
  • Activity recorded for Shipping Carrier change: When changing a customer’s Preferred delivery carrier, Troly will now record an activity item for you to see in their feed.
  • Australia Post – Better Flexibility with Delivery Center: If you use more than one delivery center with Troly, your Australia Post account will now require you to set up a different account with us. Visit your Australia Post add-on to check if you need to get in touch with the team.
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