Product Update, April 2018

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by | May 2018 | What's New

May 2018 | What's New

April is behind us already! Let’s see what Chef Troly cooked for you this month. It’s ready to be used, click away 😃

New Features

  • You can now access to single order history! Click on the ‘Switch to order history’ link located in each single order pages in Troly.
  • When pre-authorising an order, Troly will move the order back to needing confirmation when the authorisation expires after 5 days.
  • Your customers can now be set to receive SMS messages when an email from Troly bounces or fails to deliver


  • The activity feed now records the updates made to the list of products added and removed for each orders.
  • You can now look for an order using shipping tracking codes in the Operations page
  • Improved Guest check out on the Tasting Experience, Wine Show and customer profile pages


  • Resolved an issue with the wrong variable being used (email template signature).
  • Improved the SMS and phone number workings of Troly.
  • Improved image handling in the Troly plugin (WordPress).
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