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Release Update: August 2020

Automated membership up-sell online, updated birthday celebrations and referral sales tracking is now available. You can also ship with Aramex Global and new advanced branding of all emails sent is available.

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Release Update: May 2020

Additional controls over refund limits per staff member are now available. Improvements to built-in support and additional help is now shown on export, customer activity feed and other screens.

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Release Update: April 2020

Improved shipment across all carriers and added a new visual delivery progress indicator to each notification. USA tax compliance with monthly fillings by state is now available.

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Release Update: March 2020

Events history now available for all addons, showing additional information on interactions with your external systems and providers, helping to clarify all interactions with external systems.

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Release Update: August 2019

We've released a few updates this month for you, to improve your Troly experience. Improvements Customer Import and Export now supports the following fields:Date of Birth (DOB)Membership hold datePreferencesCustom tags"Subscribed to Newsletter" statusActivity Summary...

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