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by | September 2019 | What's New

September 2019 | What's New

New Features

  • Custom offline payment types: You can now specify offline payment types in Troly. Visit the Offline Payments add-on to start creating.
  • New Email Template – Shipment In Transit: Send emails to your customers when a shipment is currently in transit with the carrier.
  • New Email Template – Out for Delivery: Send emails to your customers when a shipment has reached the final stage of delivery – being on board with the driver.


  • Better status filters and shipping information: We’ve made some tweaks to the layout of the status filter dropdown on the Operations section of the platform. For shipments, you can now check the following statuses:
Waiting to be collectedThe shipment has 1 or more parcels that the customer needs to pick up
In-transitThe shipment is moving through the carrier’s systems
Out for deliveryTroly has been advised that the shipment is now on-board with the driver for delivery
RedirectedThe carrier was required to send the parcel elsewhere – by customer or carrier direction
DeliveredThe shipment is now with the customer

We’ve also added two new status filters to help flag those shipments that have not moved or received any updates

Shipments not DeliveredDisplay shipments not yet marked by the carrier as “delivered”
Shipments not UpdatedDisplay shipments that have been dispatched, not marked delivered for more than 5 calendar days.
  • Finally, we now show the Dispatched At dates and times for shipments so you can know the precise date you, or another staff member, dispatched a shipment.
  • Reconciliations and Bank Transfers If you use our Troly Group Payment gateway, it has always been that you may receive two transfers for a single day. Reconcile just after midnight, in your local timezone, and now show a single bank transfer for a given day. This means we can ensure that late-night payments are accounted for and your bank reconciliations will have one transfer amount to verify.
  • Tasting Experience: The “Pickup” option on the Tasting Experience confirmation page now reads “Click and collect” with address details for your customers to pickup.

Minor Fixes

  • The “Customer Bounced SMS” template now saves correctly
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