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by | June 2020 | What's New

June 2020 | What's New

New Features

  • You now have the ability to easily invite a Troly staff member to your company for temporary admin access to assist in issue resolution. This option is found under Settings / User Roles. This feature includes the automatic removal of access after three days, however, you may remove access sooner manually if you wish 
  • A daily refund limit has now been set. This is currently set at $500 and is applied for refunds associated with payments by Credit Card. Those orders originally paid by an Offline method are not included in the limit. If you wish to increase the daily limit please contact [email protected]


  • Reward Points are now included in the customers export spreadsheet
  • The Cancel and Expired Credit Card Authority activity stream entries have been merged
  • Lapsed membership has been added to the activity summary under membership changes
  • The *|ordercontent|* attribute in emails has been updated to include full details of any composite product content quantities
  • The number of entries displayed on the Customer Activity Feed has been increased
  • A link to the Activity Summary has been added to the EOP and Transactions report for the takings period generated
  • Additional checks are now made to Background Jobs to ensure a second job for the same batch of orders can not be created
  • The ability for the Help Pellets to contain a dynamic link to a Knowledge Base article that opens inside the Troly Help RHS drawer has been added

Minor Fixes

  • Correction for the Operations page Shipments delayed filter to display the correct records
  • Updated carton allocation algorithm to correctly cater for composite products
  • Corrected the user email validation when logging into customer account or completing the membership request form, in the Tasting Experience 
  • When the CC data is changed or added on the order edit page it is now saved on the customer record 
  • Guest orders from WordPress website corrected to appear in Troly as ‘paid’ when the payment is complete in WordPress
  • Fix an issue with the invoice month display on the email where the ‘previous month’ was displayed for some clients
  • Fix an issue where discounts applied to an order was having an adverse effect on US & Canadian tax calculations  
  • Fix incorrect quantity in TE error message when not meeting the minimum quantity for club orders
  • Fix to the deletion of Delivery Note information
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