Troly cares – The proof!

Every company tells you “we care”, here’s the evidence to back it up..

Firstly, every story needs a hero, here’s ours.

Sebastien Tremblay

Wine(ry) lover, dreamer, founder of Troly.

Seb is the founder and beating heart of Troly. His love for wine is rivalled only by his passion for the wineries that produce it. More specifically, the small to medium producers who are currently failed by the market.

The wine industry is tough, REALLY tough. Did you know :

A winery producing less than 2,500 cases now needs to sell at least 70% direct in order to survive.

Large scale wineries (100,000) sell less than 5% direct as they control retail and have distribution access.

Seb realised this industry is BROKEN. So he set out on a mission to fix it.

The difference? Instead of designing a solution he thought would work, Seb travelled the country and built a platform that wine producers desired. That’s right, the wineries shared their problems, Seb & his team built solutions.

The result…. Troly (formally “Subscribility”, then we realised the name was a bit of a mouthful and it was time to be reborn!)

Here’s an infographic to give you an idea of a fraction of what was involved.


Our commitment as a platform (and as a company) is to put producers first and  to continue to provide solutions for problems they face.


We will do this by;

  • Holding workshops around the country.
  • Negotiating with large service providers AS one united front, as opposed to hundreds of “small” producers.
  • Constantly listening to feedback with open ears and an open mind.
  • Giving our all. Every day.



This was how Troly was born.

“Our Website the Cornerstone of a New Conversation in Australian Wine “

Our new website is live and with it there’s much excitement amongst the Troly team‚ our customers‚ and the global wine industry. It is the next chapter in our story as a team intent on changing the way the wine industry works. To provider greater fairness‚ and put power back in the hands of wineries.

Ensuring no longer are small wineries at the mercy of a supply chain that sees profits lost and customers growth opportunities missed. To ensure that all wineries can add their voice to the emerging debates in our industry. Debates that come with opportunity‚ but also promise to pressure test the industry like never before.

The Wine Industry Today

The months and years ahead will see the wine industry face unique challenges. Longstanding problems like inter-industry cooperation are being aggravated by emerging problems. The federal government’s perpetual increase of alcohol tax rates in Australia – and a failure by successive governments of all political persuasions to take on common sense tax reform that would alleviate the pressure here.

Now in 2018 we see the latest incarnation of this‚ as the wine equalisation tax looms over the horizon. A tax that is set to have a big impact on the future profitability of vineyards in Australia.

For a long time as wineries across Australia and the world were disconnected from each other‚ effectively guarding against new challenges (and seeking to address the old ones!) would have been almost impossible.

This was highly undesirable in generations prior. In the future it could be fatal. The era of digital disruption is moving at such a breakneck pace that more than ever the old adage ‘past performance is no guarantee of future behaviour has currency. Especially in a digital era where a small business faces a sink or swim proposition when it comes to growing and maintaining their business in the digital economy. That’s why we’re so pleased with what represents for our industry.

Communication and Community

An effective digital community requires two things. Real engagement‚ not just communication. Also‚ the maintenance of a strong and authentic connection with diversity. To ensure that the community voice is always vibrant and dynamic.
Our platform connects vineyards and small wineries all across Australia. From the Mornington Peninsula to Margaret River‚ the Hunter Valley to Far North Queensland‚ and more. This connection is crucial in an era of great change in our industry.

For there’s a difficult truth in our era especially that all small Australian wineries know well.
The rise of the eCommerce era has so far been very good to some. To major retailers and sellers. In some instances to the consumer – though the passion and personalised connection between them and the vineyards they love are frayed and broken by a wholesaler’s purchase.

With Troly’s launch we are starting out a new course. Beginning to make things right in the industry. Ensuring passionate winemakers at small wineries can sell to devoted customers in a clear-cut and straightforward sales channel. Best of all, this direct line for sales means small wineries keep more of their profits.

Automated sales, a direct line of communication, and more profits for your winery. That’s what Troly can offer each and every Australian winery who joins us in this journey.

Making a Real Connection

As well as connecting our community, Troly also ensures it’s easier for wine manufacturers to maintain and grow relationships with their clients.

Our software has been developed after extensive consultation with wine professionals across Australian vineyards. Real life stories‚ real experiences‚ and real needs for change. To see a new direction taken in future that doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

This new path may sound lofty. It’s true that we are ambitious for the Australian wine industry. Proud of its performance (despite frustrating red tape)‚ and optimistic for its future. Especially when it’s talented professionals are equipped with strong tools to build their growth.

Yet our idealism is also inherently practical. Grounded in the desire to deliver simple but strong change for all vineyards who use Troly. Making their business operations more intuitive and seamless‚ step by step‚ process by process.

With one-click access to a customer’s entire purchase history‚ the guesswork is gone in trying to remember what a customer’s favourite wine is. As a platform created by wine enthusiasts for wine enthusiasts‚ we are also proud to put our money where our mouth.

Beyond our low monthly fee for use‚ if you don’t achieve sales and get paid‚ we don’t either. We’re committed to seeing a real foundation laid for real sustainable growth in the industry. Troly is this‚ provided the cornerstone for this future‚ and is available and ready for use here today.

Sweet Freedom

Troly will also mean more free time. By use of our automated processes Troly uses can enjoy the freedom and lifestyle enhancements that come with being liberated of all that business red tape. To our team, lifestyle is a crucial consideration when it comes to building the next chapter of the Australian wine industry.

At its core, we believe our technology solutions that advance us must also advance our lifestyle.
That means software that not only works to improve processes, but actively free up time for its users. More time to a small winery owner is not just a space on the calendar now freed up; it’s life changing.

It means seeing more family and friends. More time for yourself, and of course to celebrate #wineoclock as an admirer instead of a producer. With Troly, all your hard work can deliver you a real reward of more time for you, as Troly’s automation runs operations in-house.

The Road Ahead

Our website is just one component of a broader digital wine ecosystem our Troly team is building. One that puts the needs of a small winery at the center of our universe, and places our website at the centre of all our operations. We are pleased with what we have achieved here so far, but know too it is a long road ahead.

There’s something about Marie


We’re delighted to announce that Marie has joined Troly family in August. Marie has tremendous Customer Success experience with online leading companies like Squarespace and Amazon, and is currently taking care of the Client Interactions with Dan.

Her enthusiasm, willingness to help others, attention to detail and je-ne-sais-quoi are some of her many assets that will ensure your queries are solved an effective and friendly manner.

Please make her feel welcome and see how she’ll revolutionise the wine industry!

What about starting with simple things. What about giving a voice to the people that are passionate about what they do. And what about joining efforts and raising that voice so high that the passion spread among others.
Well, I think that’s how we can revolutionise the wine industry, and that’s what Troly does.

What is important for Troly and why we believe Marie will help / change / contribute significantly in that direction

Wine makers have that fantastic know-how, that exceptional experience, that unique sense of creativity and dedication that deserve to be known or rediscovered by others.
Wine has a place in lots of people lives, so let’s fill this place (and our glass!) with this amazing combination!