We’re delighted to announce that Marie has joined Troly family in August. Marie has tremendous Customer Success experience with online leading companies like Squarespace and Amazon, and is currently taking care of the Client Interactions with Dan.

Her enthusiasm, willingness to help others, attention to detail and je-ne-sais-quoi are some of her many assets that will ensure your queries are solved an effective and friendly manner.

Please make her feel welcome and see how she’ll revolutionise the wine industry!

What about starting with simple things. What about giving a voice to the people that are passionate about what they do. And what about joining efforts and raising that voice so high that the passion spread among others.
Well, I think that’s how we can revolutionise the wine industry, and that’s what Troly does.

What is important for Troly and why we believe Marie will help / change / contribute significantly in that direction

Wine makers have that fantastic know-how, that exceptional experience, that unique sense of creativity and dedication that deserve to be known or rediscovered by others.
Wine has a place in lots of people lives, so let’s fill this place (and our glass!) with this amazing combination!