This month, we sent one of our special ‘Product Update’ email about all the new features and improvements made to the Membership management and options in Troly, we hope you like them! Troly is more than ever committed to improve the product and our services to your own benefits. So please, keep sending your amazing ideas our way, our growing team is delighted to work on them!

New Features

  • Offer membership discount to non-scheduled deliveries when members order online as a one-off
  • Copy across previous completed membership orders to be used as a guide for your next Club Run
  • Count one-off orders towards current membership commitment depending on a selected time frame and a minimum bottles quantity
  • Redirect your members to your WordPress website to edit their membership orders
  • Toggle the phone and SMS icons under Customer’s account detail pages to respect your customer’s communication preferences
  • Activity Summary: new ‘Re-Send’ feature created in case you want to look back on things


  • Improvement made to the Communication settings placeholders (*|card_link|* and *|card_url|*)
  • SMS activity entry now recorded in Customer’s activity feeds
  • On-account customers: the ‘paid’ stamp will not appear anymore


  • Fixed the way SMS and Email pop up windows are displayed in Customer’s Activity pages when using a tablet