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by | April 2020 | What's New

April 2020 | What's New

New Features

  • New additional views for customers and products on the respective dashboard with a quick link to edit each record. Sorting is available on some columns, with filtering to be released later this year.
  • Automated event logging and email alerts for Marketplace addons. Troly is a busy platform, talking to many providers like Australia Post, FedEx, Mailchimp and WordPress. All this “chit-chat” has been happening behind-the-scenes… until now. For Mailchimp, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor, WordPress, and Xero, pushing and pulling activities are now logged. You can now visit “Event History” on the Add-ons Marketplace — and in each individual add-on — to learn why Troly can’t communicate with an external provider.
  • When an add-on stops working, Troly may require intervention from you to resolve an issue (like an API key expiring). Troly now knows when to turn off an add-on or simply let you know about recent problems. This is an automatic process that has been activated and an email will be sent to all company administrators as required.
  • Send automated email confirmations for a delayed shipment. When your customers request a shipment be delayed for a time by getting in touch with you directly. With our latest update, you can now turn on a template – Delayed Shipment – to be sent to customers when you delay their shipment.
  • Better manage user and roles in your business. You can now review and alter access to your Troly account yourself. At this time, you can only assign Administrator or Billing users. You’ll see additional roles defined, but they will not impact access at this time.
  • Improved security around platform access with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users with role in Troly, you will now be required to enter a code sent to your on-file mobile / cell phone number. This helps us verify its actually you logging into Troly. We’re rolling this out progressively, so make sure you have a mobile number on your account.
  • WordPress Password Reset URLs: If you send welcome emails using an EDM like Mailchimp, you can now send through the password reset URL to the user.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Order Locking: To protect the integrity of your data, orders are locked when paying, packing, labeling, or dispatching. Whilst locked, no actions are allowed until the requested job is complete. This means you will see a notice when editing an order that is being worked on.
  • Xero Invoices for Sales paid “On Account”: Customers that have been marked as “On Account” under “Addresses and Payment” will now be pushed into Xero (if installed). Customer details will be pushed and individual orders paid as “On Account” will sent. Troly will not synchronise the status in Xero beyond the initial invoice approval.
  • Packing Slips – Membership Variation Info: On packing slips, we now have membership variation information being printed.

Minor Fixes

  • Numerous performance improvements to reduce by half the time to processing over 100 orders together in bulk.
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