Product Update, June 2019

What an incredible 6 months at Troly! We’ve received lots of feedback since relaunching our revamped Ideas Centre. If you haven’t been there, then be sure to take a look!

For those of you that have been looking for our monthly updates, we’ve got a new process in place and you should start to see these posts appear at least once a month, and as fast as once a fortnight!

New Features

  • New email templates 
    – Successful payment emails now allow you to send an email when an order has been paid for
    – Attach tax invoice configurable
    – You can now choose the “Successful Payment” or “Order Complete/Shipment Dispatched” template to attach a tax invoice
    – POS Successful Payment templates
    – You now have the ability to customize the email sent when a payment is processed on the POS
    – You can also attach a tax invoice to that email or the “Order Complete” email if required
  • Archive Customers – To meet the requirement that you need to stop all communications with a customer, you now have the option to “Archive Customer”
  • Multiple Delivery Centres
    – When shipping from a warehouse location, you can add this as a location and have your shipping fees cost accordingly
    – For clubs, you can set the preferred delivery center for orders created as part of that club run
    – For customers, you can set a preferred delivery center to always use the option closer to the customer’s shipping address
  • Bulk Order templates – Under “Bulk Orders” in Settings > Communications, you now have the ability to set a different template for one-off and club run orders
  • New URL for your store! – For your Tasting Experience and Wine Show, we now user “”
  • Wedding Anniversary – You can now save a customer’s wedding anniversary date on their profile, and there is a new email template called “Wedding Anniversary” that you can customize.
  • Joint Memberships – If a member has a partner they wish to include on all communications from Troly, they can add them as a “Joint Member”. You can find this under the “Account Details” area of the customer’s profile.


  • On customer profile pages, we now show their reward points
  • Bank disclaimers from the Standard or Advanced payments add-on now have a larger font size
  • Added additional caching for our shipping quote API
  • WordPress users will see improved response times when costing shipments

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect product quantities on Tasting Experience checkout
  • Carriers appearing in markets they are not available in
  • Multiple login issues, including longer-than-expected wait times
  • Order toggling not repaying orders
  • We now will repay for the order when you toggle between shipment to pick up and vice versa
  • Pick-up label PDFs including labels for shipments
  • Tasting experience add-on not saving correctly under some circumstances
  • The shipment date for one-off shipments use the day the order was created
  • Troly now uses the day it is dispatched in email communications
  • Membership statistics not showing – We’ve reworked the pipeline and these stats will now update as members sign up, suspend, renew or leave your club