Product Updates, August 2018

August, you have been one very busy month 🤩 A lot of work has been done in regards to the payment pre-authorisation logic, the team has made it easier for you to know, at a glance, where things are at in Troly. Also, a lot of improvement has been made to ensure a smoother user experience when using Troly, as an account owner and as a wine drinker. Lots of behind-the-scene-work has been completed, and there is more to come. We hope you’ll enjoy the new membership variation feature as well!

New Features

  • You may want to use one single membership but with added variations. Say for example a club commitment is 12 bottles per year but some of your customers prefer red wine, white wine only or both. Use the same membership options and add as many variations as you like!
  • You are now able to cancel a payment pre-authorisation transaction for a single order. Also, the Operations page now tells you how long you have left before the pre-authorisation expires (the deadline is 5 days).


  • Troly helps you getting your membership delivery dates right each time when manually changed. You won’t be able to select a date past the next delivery date. You are still able to skip an order or set the membership pending if needed.
  • The commitment report now shows if a membership is currently on hold. A new legend is available at the bottom of each commitment report to help you read the information about your members.


  • Tasting Experience: the team improved the sign-in pop up window as an issue was preventing some customers to log in.
  • The team fixed a bug in relation to missing ‘Create’ button in the Membership tab of your customers’ profile pages. Some other improvements are on their way so please do contact us if you still notice that a ‘Create’ button is missing.
  • The ‘On account’ invoices have been improved: a ‘On account’ stamp replaces the ‘Paid’ stamp and any other payment indication on the invoice has been removed.
  • An issue where the carton size selected for an order was not being properly displayed in Troly has been fixed.