Product Update, July 2018


New Features

  • Order payment pre-authorisation: once a payment is pre-authorised for an order in Troly, you have 5 days to process the actual order payment. After 5 days, if no payment is being captured on your customer’s credit card, the pre-authorisation will be automatically cancelled in Troly.
  • Your Operations dashboard now reflects the amount of time left for each pre-authorised order to be paid before the pre-authorisation is being cancelled. You will see a message saying ‘Authorisation expires in 4 days from now‘. When the pre-authorisation is cancelled, Troly will add a message to the order so that you will see these orders at a glance.
  • If you charge your customer’s credit card after the pre-authorisation has expired, Troly will not capture the card pre-authorisation, it will simply charge the credit card on file.
  • You are able to cancel a pre-authorisation on an order if needed. If you need to cancel a pre-authorised order, you will now have access to a  ‘Cancel Pre-Authorisation‘ button on the order page itself.


  • Invoices for international Troly users have been improved