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by | October 2020 | Announcements

October 2020 | Announcements


San Francisco, CA, OCT 15, 2020 ― Leading technology Troly announces today that it has entered an exclusive technology partnership with renowned Bootlebooks GmbH, a provider of product information systems to wine importers and retailers. Together, the companies provide greater transparency in the global supply chain for wines, allowing retailers to control improve their access to producers, and for producers to gain better control over their sales and stock, both nationally and internationally.

Existing clients of both Troly and Bottlebooks gain immediate access to the combined technology while the companies continue to work together on new initiatives to improve the global supply chain.

Both companies have committed to a major investment towards improving the flow and access to wine information between producers, retailers and consumers, small and large.

The wine making industry is a very collaborative one. Seeing that many technology companies have abandoned the wine industry through the years, it’s clear to me that wine-tech businesses must work together more closely.

Sebastien Tremblay, CEO at Troly

The subscription product offered by Troly is used by wine producers, importers, and distributors who have a keen interest in improving and growing direct and retail sales. Troly uses is advanced cloud technology to aggregate sales from any channel, improve stock control, and automate the fulfillment and compliance requirements. Companies using Troly gain a better understanding of their bottom line and a deeper, more valuable brand relationship with every customer.

Bottlebooks offers a multi-faceted product information technology allowing both retailers and producers to better organize and improve their relationships and the flow of information between them. An intuitive user interface enables for information entered once by any player to be validated and automatically disseminated across various actors in the supply chain.

A large majority of wine producers don’t have reliable access to retailers or distribution, and the global events in 2020 have seen increased online wine sales but also put a further strain on smaller producers and other industry players. A direct result of the hyper-fragmentation of the wine industry.

Sebastien Tremblay, CEO at Troly

Together, working with thousands of wineries worldwide, Troly and Bottlebooks are well-positioned to deploy technology initiatives across the industry and its various actors, while allowing both direct-sales focused and distribution-focused wine producers to improve their business as a whole.

How Troly addresses suppliers concerns

Troly continuously works very closely with wineries and develops industry-tailored tools allowing wine producers to truly understand and grow their bottom line. Troly pushes wine brands to seamlessly act on data and industry insights in order to generate new sales automatically while operating their business, day-to-day.

Using Troly, wineries maintain a direct control over their stock, pricing strategy and can better focus on business while sales are flowing through automatically. From on-premise sales to ecommerce, wine-club subscriptions and allocations, amongst others, Troly provides the technology for every winery to define margins and track sales.

We are deeply committed to the wine industry and this partnership with Troly enables producers of all sizes to gain incremental value by using both platforms combined.

Jonathan Harclerode, CEO at Bottlebooks

Bottlebooks to better organize product data

Producers struggle to access distribution much as retailers, events and distributors struggle to collate product information uniformly. Using Bottlebooks, any retailer is able to request product data to every producer they work with and new ones, after which Bottlebooks collates and organizes the information for every target geography.

About Bottlebooks

Numerous retailers and event organizers around the world, each seeking increased efficiencies in organizing supplier data, have adopted Bottlebooks as a key technology partner, offering a solid product information management platform allowing wine producers full control over their product information and presentations in different geographies around the world. Working in harmony with buyers and suppliers, the company prides itself on modern technology and versatile team, able to strengthen commercial relationships using an intuitive interface.

About Troly

Troly is a global leader in direct-sales software for wineries. An industry-tailored SAAS product enabling producers to access every sales channel, while remaining in control of their limited stock and desired product pricing. Troly works primarily with wine producers around the globe, as well as other craft beverage producers. Troly has a global footprint, with clients in every major wine region of the world, enabling wine producers across their digital transformation journey.

As a technology partner of choice and backed by a strong track-record of innovation, investment, and commitment to client success, Troly’s comprehensive range of technology and logistics capability enable it’s customer to achieve new thresholds in business development and performance. Troly is committed to opening national and international doors to sales to wine producers around the globe.

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